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Enjoy your vacation in Pelion all year round and the unique combination of mountain and Aegean Sea. Pelion is the mountain with the largest variety of vegetation in Greece, with forests, beaches and villages of natural beauty.

It’s located on the north-east to the south-east of Magnesia and is bordered by Aegean Sea. A characteristic feature of the unique beauty of Pelion is that in mythology, it is mentioned as the summer residence of the Olympian Gods and also the land of Centaurs

The villages of Pelion are built discreetly in the green vegetation, without interfering in nature’s majesty. Fresh cold water during the springs, diverse vegetation wherever you look. Apple trees, chestnut trees, oak trees, gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias are only a few to name. Moreover, walking trails, old churches, traditional architecture buildings and amazing beaches will impress you.

It’s lovely destination for celebrities from Greece and all over the world. A few days are not enough to discover Pelion; yet are enough to love it forever.